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Spearfishing courses 




Introduction and presentation


. Mask
. Snorkel
. Fins
. Different kind of wet suits
. The wet suit as your ultimate body protection
. Weight belt, knife, buoy and marking devise
. Spear fishing guns
. Other gadgets (hand-hooks, flash light, etc.)
. Attracting baits

The Ocean
. Winds
. Tides
. Currents

Different types of marine bottoms
. Reefs, sands, Corals
. Wrecks
. Rocks
. Caves

Orientation at the Ocean
. Cardinal points and geographic references
. G.P.S.
. Fish-finder

. The Human heart and the apnea / breath hold diving
. Equalize Techniques (Ear-nose channels)
. Most common accidents: shallow water black-out, “samba”, pressure traumas, timpani rupture


Spear fishing techniques
. Spear fishing athlete
. Pelagic fish
. Becton fish
. Cave hunting
. Camouflage
. Diving techniques
. Wrecks
. Spear fishing from the shore
. Spear fishing in clear waters
. Spear fishing in cloudy-dark waters
. Flash light

. Fish physiology
. Most common species of interest
. Designated strategies for each species
. Aiming tips when shooting your prey


Planning your spear fishing day trip

Nutrition tips for before, during and after spearfishing
. Nutritive Supplements.

. Pool training
    Correct ventilation
    Static and moving apnea
    How to swim and the correct use of the gear.
. Overall training

. Theory
. 1 session of pool
. 2 open water classes


All the courses include instructions and supervision of Jorge Mario Garcia. Classroom, Pool, and open water classes, T-shirt with our logo. Diploma or certification of the course, underwater pictures and HD film.


Please contact us for further information.

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