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Who is  Jorge Mario

He was born in Camaguey Cuba at 180 kilometers away from the sea.

He first started to spearfishing when he was 9 years old; he would go to his grandparent’s house on the beach and spend the whole time in the ocean. As he kept doing that by the time he was 16 years old spearfishing was definitely his favorite sport. 

At the age of 22 years at the beach of Guardalabarca, he won his first championship. I’ve been a national Champion on 5 occasions during the period 1976-1982. Within the National Team of Cuba his stood as the Cuban deepest free diver, and achieve to dominate great depths without much trouble. In 1981, during the first event of Underwater Photography (PHOTO-SUB) held in Cuba, Isla de Pinos, he set a record of 58 meters (191feet) using only fins. This event had a Global presence on diving personalities like Luigi Ferrara, president and founder of Technisub, and President Jacques Dumas of the CMAS, among some others.
In 1989, at 37 years old he set the first world record of resting in apnea at 6 minutes, and 34 seconds. Then after wards broke nine more world records some of which belonged to Cuban athlete Pipin Francisco Ferrera.
In 1993 in the beach, where he had learned to fish as a child there was a International Tourism Convention in which he happened to attempt and beat a world record where he dived to 74 meters of 241 feet.I was accompanied the whole way by my friend and World record holder in other modalities, Umberto Pelizzari, who traveled from Italy see this live.

Since 1981 he’ve been a 3 star CMAS, PDIC, and also SCUBA and Freediving instructor.

He’ve been giving classes to students who’ve wanted to learn how to spearfish and free dive since 1992.

He was also a diving instructor during 1994 through 2006, at the Higher Institute of Physical Culture Havana University ISCF. He’ve been living in Miami since 2006 where he devote him self entirely to teach all activities diving related.

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